Bringing Positive Disruptions

Bringing Positive Disruptions

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When I was a full-time trainer I thought, ‘what if there was a business that held profiles of trainers I could call upon to fill in for me so I can take some time off while both of us get paid?’ I was providing the clients and the programs, so I just wanted a trainer to step in and take the sessions for me. It was here that the idea of The Reserve Bench was born.

The Reserve Bench is providing all trainers, businesses, managers and owners with the ultimate solution. Most trainers don’t work full time or have the sustainability to earn a secure income each week — no leave or sick pay unless you work. Most business owners or hiring managers are sick of having people let them down and know that finding people is hard work.  

Whether someone is looking for a trainer or wants to showcase themselves to businesses, here they can do it all. If you own a business, manage one, subcontract yourself, work for yourself in a business, are a personal trainer, group fitness instructor or specific-skilled trainer, The Reserve Bench is for you.

Everyone in the industry has experienced or will experience the same challenges with people; I knew it was time to provide a solution.

The team at The Reserve Bench knows firsthand what it’s like from the seat of a trainer and a business owner. We worked on the effort to give you the ease, providing a pain-relieving solution.

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