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Unhealthy work habits are having an alarming result on Aussies

A survey by the Fitness & Health Expo, the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere, has revealed that our job may be having a negative impact on our health and fitness, with many Australians spending the entire workday sedentary.

The national survey of more than 1100 Australians revealed that 51 per cent of us either never take a lunch break or take one only sometimes, and 55.6 per cent of people take their break sitting at their desk, sitting in the car or in the work lunchroom. Only 33 per cent of respondents who take a lunch break use this time for exercise, sport or to go for a walk.

Just over 72 per cent of respondents aren’t offered a gym or subsidised fitness program at work, and only 13.3 per cent have access to a work social sports team, yet four out of five respondents said they would take advantage of such services if they were offered.

The survey also revealed that the ‘golden age’ when most people feel at their fittest is 22. This is followed by the ages of 30, 28 and 25*. And 42.2 per cent of those with kids say they were fitter before they had children.

When it comes to our bodies, our worst problem areas are our stomach (61.3 per cent), thighs (46.9 per cent), butt (23.1 per cent) and arms (16.1 per cent), and 45.2 per cent of people admit that what they look like while exercising has affected their choice of exercise. For 27.1 per cent of respondents, other people’s perceptions of what they look like while exercising has stopped them from working out altogether.

Most of the respondents agreed that making time for fitness meant making sacrifices, and the most common were the sacrifice of leisure time (25.9 per cent), enjoyment of food (23 per cent), family time (22.1 per cent) and time with friends (20 per cent).

Almost 38 per cent of respondents also admitted that they have exercise equipment they have bought and used less than 10 times.

The annual survey shows that the gym workout is still the most popular workout choice for Aussies, followed in rank order by HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), boxing, boot camp and kettle bells (with weights, personal training, walking and running dropping from the top five).

*Age ranges of those taking part were as follows: under 25 (24.4 per cent), 25-34 (41.2 per cent), 35-44 (24.94 per cent) and 45-plus (9.47 per cent)

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