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Founder and owner of NextGen Fitness Factory Ebony Taggert has always had a strong interest in sports. She grew up playing competitive netball and once leaving school worked a full-time job in real estate to save up for her Certificate III and IV in Fitness.

Once she had saved up the money, she completed her course part-time. Although she says it was a “crazy lifestyle”, four years ago her hard work paid off and an opportunity approached her — literally.

“I was walking to the bank one day and was approached by a gym owner trying to sell me a membership,” Ebony says.

“We got talking and he ended up offering me a job. I just went for it and have never looked back!”

She started working at this small local gym and slowly built up a personal training client base. To add something a little extra for her clients, Ebony went back to her local primary school to enquire about hiring their gym hall to run a small group session.

“This took off slowly,” she says. “I had about eight to 10 people for one session per week over six weeks.

“Over the next year, these sessions started to expand and I started running multiple sessions per week in the evening, then multiple per night, then even 6am sessions. Before I knew it, two years had passed and it had grown from around eight people to about 80 people.

“All of these sessions were run from the primary school hall and its surroundings. As the classes started to get bigger, I brought on two amazing trainers and friends of mine, Jordan Lingard and Terri McDonald, to help run the sessions.”

With the aim of sharing her love of health and fitness with as many people as possible, NextGen Fitness Factory was born in Bayswater, Victoria.

“I wanted to create an environment and vibe that was fun and welcoming, where everyone can feel equal while training,” Ebony says. “I wanted it to be about working hard, building friendships and teamwork — no egos.

“Happiness and positivity is infectious, and exercise is as much about one’s mental health as it is about physical health. I wanted to share this knowledge with as many people as possible!”

As a qualified gym instructor, personal trainer and advanced boot camp instructor, and holding her Level II First Aid certificate as well as completing several advanced courses, including TRX, boxing for PTs, kettlebell training, boot camps and group training, Ebony sure holds the credentials.

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