Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

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By Daniel Murphy

Our industry is about to be revolutionised by the addition of technology that will track, assess, monitor, guide, encourage and improve our clients’ fitness and health goals. One large area of growth will be the addition of wearable technology, or simply called ‘wearables’. When I bring up this topic, I am generally met with, “oh, those overpriced pedometers…” But, never fear, it’s about to get much more interesting.

Wearables aren’t a new concept. We’ve been using them for decades to tell the time or improve our hearing. What’s new is implementing them into monitoring various health metrics in someone’s day-to-day life and fitness regime. My goal here is to show you a little of what’s to come, but also what you can implement today.

The ears are a handy place to hang things, and there are a few major companies such as LG, Motorola, Apple and Sony looking to get on them. These ‘hearables’ will play music, be an intelligent personal assistant (Siri, S Voice), take calls and track some now pretty standard fitness metrics, such as steps, distance and calories burnt.

For me, the big leap forward is the ability to measure maximum oxygen consumption (V02 max) and heart rate. Getting a heart rate reading from your headphones is amazingly convenient; getting your VO2 max is next level, as this testing is only seen in elite sports facilities or private testing labs. My pick is Bragi’s world-first wireless earbud ‘The Dash’. They’re currently in pre-order stage and will have all of the above features plus a few more, such as a thermometer, noise cancellation and an ear bone microphone.

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