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By Nam Baldwin

Are you interested in achieving consistently better results for your clients? How about in making a name for yourself as an effective trainer? Or being able to charge more?
I have no doubt that your immediate answer to all of these questions is ‘yes!’

You may already be on this path — adding value to yourself by increasing your ability to deliver more effective training programs on a greater range of equipment and learning more about nutrition, both proven to have a huge effect on a client’s results.

But today I want to introduce you to a third component that often flies under the radar and, if left unmanaged, can destroy the results of the great programs you are delivering: I am talking about emotion.

Boost client results with emotional intelligence
Emotions influence our perception of life, every moment of the day. Increasing our knowledge of emotions and how to regulate them better, known as ‘emotional intelligence’, is one of the most powerful, yet unused, tools available to a personal trainer: it will dramatically boost your personal effectiveness and your clients’ results.

Think of emotional intelligence as a brand new, amazingly effective supplement that you suddenly have access to. It will definitely give you the edge over the other trainers as your clients’ progress accelerates, but your clients need you to show them how to use it.

I’m lucky enough to work with world champions on an almost daily basis, and sometimes I am astounded at the sheer ability, strength and fitness they exhibit. But even the ones with the most freakish skill levels can fall apart when the going gets tough.

That’s where my job really begins, helping the elite to manage, understand and control their emotions, even when under the extreme pressure of competition, to ensure they achieve their goals. This is the key to greater performance at any level, and I want to share this with you today so that you can begin to master the same processes I use with Olympic and world champions and pass it on to your clients.

Just as you learnt more about training and nutrition for yourself, before helping others, it’s the exact same process here. Learning more about emotions begins with ‘self awareness’ and involves regularly checking your emotional state throughout the day.

When practicing self awareness, if you notice you are in a positive and productive state, think about the ‘recipe’ of circumstances that led to that state, then you can bring about that state more often. Success leaves clues; however, it’s up to you to find those clues.

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