Ordinary People with Extraordinary Goals

Ordinary People with Extraordinary Goals

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With his grandfather being an adventurer and his father Britain’s foremost mountaineer, it’s no wonder that Joe Bonington has ended up where he is today – training people to climb mountains. Not only does he help people to tick items off their bucket lists, but he also gives them a new lease on life.

Joe wasn’t always in the fitness business; in fact, he spent quite some time in the music industry. While admitting he lost his way a little, one expedition was all he needed to begin an entirely new life path.

“I went on an expedition and while I was out there I saw people who should have been having the time of their lives, but they were really struggling,” Joe says.

It was here he came up with the idea of TrekFit. He qualified as a personal trainer and began training people to get fit and undertake treks with him. He built his knowledge and put his experience into practice and found himself doing quite well as a personal trainer.

In 2004, Joe was nominated for Fitness Professional of the Year for NSW, and in 2011 he won Fitness First’s Fitness Inspirer of the Year. His skills were not going unnoticed. He began challenging and training people more interested in extreme sports and got a great handle on his niche.

“I always had my eye out for how I could help people wanting to do more extreme things,” Joe says.

“I went on to learn all about strength and conditioning, and focused on how I could apply that to outdoor and adventure sports such as trekking and climbing.” 

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