Outdoor Group Personal Training is Where it’s at

Outdoor Group Personal Training is Where it’s at

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Step into Life Australia and New Zealand is a group outdoor personal training franchise. It is the brainchild of Larry Cohen, who founded the business in 1995 in Melbourne. With 164 franchises (and counting) located across Australia and New Zealand today, the company is committed to building and inspiring fitter and healthier communities, in a fun and safe outdoor environment.


How Step into Life started

The company began when Larry Cohen placed an advert in the local Melbourne paper for outdoor group training and received more than 70 phone calls in the first few days. The huge interest he received in these training sessions made him realise most people enjoyed and remained a part of group sessions as they lacked the motivation needed to achieve their health and fitness goals on their own. In 2001, the concept of his business grew into a franchise model, which allowed for reward for effort and meant each personal trainer had a vested interest in growing their business successfully. The aim was to be unique and specialise in group outdoor personal training.

In 2003, master franchising on a national scale commenced. The system added the next level of management, sales and support to the business, meaning franchisees had the benefit of a sophisticated support structure within Step into Life. The master’s primary focus was to ensure franchises provide fun and entertaining group outdoor personal training to members in a social environment and to grow the territory.


The growing trend of group outdoor personal training

The confinement of gyms for members who have mostly been working indoors all day is turning more people toward wanting to exercise outdoors. With outdoor exercise activities and group personal training ranked in the top 12 worldwide fitness trends for 2015, people are embracing the group outdoor personal training movement more than ever. Fitness Australia CEO Lauretta Stace recently noted the appeal of training in groups outside. 

“The group and social dynamics stimulates conversation and motivation for those within the group,” she said. “As human beings we all want to be socially active, feel safe and have a sense of belonging; group outdoor personal training provides the opportunity for that to flourish.”  

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