Getting Set Up

Getting Set Up

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The concept of 24-hour gyms with secure access control is a growing trend. As we all know, the 9 to 5 workdays are becoming a thing of the past, with more people working shifts, working later or just varying work hours to avoid rush hour traffic. Nowadays, in order to stay competitive, gyms are looking to reduce running costs while increasing revenue, and becoming a 24/7 fitness centre is a great way to do this. By giving people the ability to fit a workout around a busy schedule, secure 24-hour gyms will appeal to a wider range of customers, offering a service that puts you ahead of your competitors.

The team at Intelligent Building Solutions (IBS) has been designing and installing 24-hour fitness solutions for five years and has experience with a wide range of sizes and styles of health clubs, from small 150 square metre personal training studios to large recreation centres. They have a design team lead by Graham Mowatt, who has more than 30 years’ experience in electronic systems design and software engineering. They have also developed their own direct interfaces to many of the leading health club software providers, including MindBodyOnline, Clubware and Gymmaster among others.

The IBS 24-hour facility management system is based on the worldwide standard for home and building control KNX, which is backed by more than 1000 manufacturers worldwide. This allows flexible control of all aspects of the facility, including lights, air-conditioning, music, power and more.

System integration

Becoming a 24-hour fitness centre brings many challenges of its own such as customer safety, security, creating the right atmosphere, electricity usage, keeping record of members’ activities and integrating with the gym software. Therefore, a 24-hour fitness facility requires the integration of several separate systems.

Access control

The most important part of a 24-hour solution is the access control system. It provides your customers with access to the facility 24/7 and provides your business with details of customers who have entered the facility. It can also safeguard against abuse and keep you informed of any issues. The door controller is the hub of any access control system. It holds the list of valid clients, which must remain up-to-date at all times. This requires software integration with your membership database held on your club management software.

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