Women in Fitness: Lindy Olsen

Women in Fitness: Lindy Olsen

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Women in Fitness: Lindy Olsen

Being a good leader in my eyes is someone who can create an inspiring vision of a future destination and then set an example of how best to reach that destination by bringing people together empowering and motivating them to reach a common goal. Anyone can tell people “what” to do, few can empower others to “want” to get there for themselves. I’d say that a good leader has to have a vision/purpose that is larger than themselves and who has a balanced personality and the appropriate skills to put that vision/purpose into action.

I learnt be become a leader by accident! I’m just a girl from the country who had a dream to feel better about herself. Once I learned for myself what worked for me, all I ever wanted to do was to set a great example for others who had been in a similar situation to me (overwhelmed by the myriad of information available and not knowing who or what to believe) and beat that drum as hard as I could. To this day, empowering others with truthful, real information is something I am truly passionate about and if I can help others to improve their health and fitness by reading great information, then mission

My seven rules of leadership success:

1. Passion – If you are a leader and you don’t have passion, you will not engage people (your greatest asset). Passion inspires others to achieve for themselves.

2. Vision – Great leaders will always exhibit creativity, vision and focus and be able to communicate it in the simplest of ways to ensure success in reaching the common goal.

3. Courage – It is important for leaders to stand up for what they believe in – even when this means making hard choices or creating controversy.

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