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Imagine a treadmill where you follow the contours of the ground while enjoying spectacular scenery. It's now a reality with Running Unlimited's Zone Dome, which brings the outside world to you.

The all-new Zone dome from Running Unlimited offers the ultimate immersive running experience. The Zone dome – a 180 degree curved screen, the width of a treadmill – incorporates the latest surround vision technology to immerse treadmill runners in inspirational locations from around the world.

The all-new Zone dome incorporates world-leading integration technology to match the speed of the on-screen film with the pace of the runner to help them feel as if they are really running outdoors.

A recent study by GYMetrix found that the amount of time the average time a person spends on a treadmill is just 17.6
minutes - which includes the warm up and cool down. Zone dome runners find the experience more motivating and engaging, running for at least 25% longer, burning more calories and benefiting from faster fitness gains. The Zone dome comes with a vast HD film library of locations to explore including tropical beaches and iconic European cities. With even more films, including the wilds of the African savannah, due to be released later this year, runners can explore somewhere new every time they visit the gym. The Zone dome is designed to be goal orientated and runners are encouraged to get from A to B before finishing their workout.

The Zone dome uses patented projection technology to provide the ultimate immersive experience, which is easier on the eye than standard backlit LED screens you currently find in gyms. Films are shot using 4x HD film in a single take from a runner’s perspective to help runners feel completely absorbed in their location.

What makes your products unique/gives them a competitive edge?

We combine the latest technology with entertainment to deliver a step-change to the indoor running experience. Our solution works with every treadmill brand and delivers not only an exceptional user experience, they deliver at an aesthetic level too.

The all-new Zone dome was launched at LIW in September and is genuinely different - the business class experience treadmill runners now enjoy ensures clubs can truly stand apart from their competitors.

With tablets getting so incredibly cheap now, every treadmill in the sector will (and should) have a video-based flat screen experience in no time. The Zone dome really is the only product to have changed the indoor running experience since the treadmill's invention. The incredible, immersive experience coupled with their iconic design, will help clients attract and retain members.

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