Do you ZUU?

Do you ZUU?

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Do you Zuu?

What is ZUU, and why should you adopt it? Andrew “Chaddy” Chadwick talks about moving a nation.

Let’s start with what ZUU is and where it comes from. After a lifetime of traditional resistance training, ZUU Creator Nathan Hellberg started doing some crosstraining with his gymnast brother.

This is what surprised him: his brother’s sheer arm strength was comparable to his own. This was even despite the fact that his brother trained in a completely different method. What was really shocking was how much better his brother’s mobility and flexibility were too.

Nathan had an epiphany. “Maybe I should start training like this. I’ll keep my strength, increase my muscular and cardiovascular endurance and improve my mobility.” Win-win, right?

How ZUU evolved

He experimented with different movements in his backyard on the Gold Coast. His wife, watching him, started naming some of the movements after animals. Consequently, when you do a ZUU session, you’ll be doing Frog Squats, Gorillas, Donkeys and Iguanas to name just a few.

With this, ZUU was created. It is now a registered training style, based on high intensity primal movement patterns mixed with strength and endurance body weight exercises. It’s a dynamic, whole body movement program using proven techniques with new and innovative approaches. Every session is designed to target all muscle groups while engaging both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. It does this by using bouts of super high intensity for short time periods and lower intensity movements for longer time periods.

What does ZUU mean to you?

Put simply, it’s a body weight program where every session will be one of the most comprehensive, effective and intense experiences you can do without equipment. ZUU is now used as a class format in elite club chains such as Virgin Active. Many smaller niche studios use it with their clients. It has even found its way into professional sports teams, particularly Rugby Union, and Nathan has recently moved to England to be more hands on while implementing ZUU training techniques into the British Military. It was on a T.V. show called ‘The Search for Hurt’, which gives you some idea of what your first session feels like.


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