Lose it fast to keep it off longer by Chief Brabon

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Look even better 12 months after your transformation by following these 4 simple steps…

Living in a society focused on instant gratification, it is no surprise that many of us will jump at the chance to transform our bodies within a matter of weeks. The question is can we maintain these results in the long term? The answer is yes. For years doctors and nutritionists have warned against the fad diets that promote
rapid ‘weight loss’ primarily because those results cannot be maintained, leading to ongoing yo-yo dieting and the many physical and emotional problems that it
can cause. Having spent the last twenty years watching these many quick fix programs come and go it became obvious that we, as trainers, had to change the way we approached results based programming. It was always going to be a difficult balance to strike – rapid results with long-term sustainability. But these goals are not mutually exclusive.


Of course there is no need to worry about maintaining results that you have not yet achieved! A recent study in the International Journal of Behavioural Medicine suggests that for overweight clients, the positive reinforcement that comes from shedding considerable fat in the first few weeks is critical to their long-term motivation. The study found that subjects who dropped weight the quickest tended to shed more weight overall and maintain that weight loss longer than those that had started gradually. As an indicator of the considerable motivational benefits of seeing noticeable improvements to your physique, the study showed that a year after the initial intervention, only 16.9% of those subjects in the slow weight-loss group reached their goal of shedding 10% of their overall body weight, where as 50.7% of the rapid weight-loss group achieved their goal! And this is not the only study that supports the notion of speedy results leading to permanent weight loss. Stockholm’s International Congress on Obesity recently threw their support behind a study conducted by the University of Melbourne, which compared two groups of subjects, all weighing around 100 kilos. The first group lost 1.5 kilos a week on average, while the second group lost an average of 0.5 kilos a week. Against accepted wisdom, the study showed that 78% of those that experienced rapid weight loss achieved their target of losing 15% of their body weight, while only 48% of those on the gradual weight loss program met their target. Our cover model Aristo Bessiris is a great example of how experiencing a rapid change in body composition can not only build confidence but also motivate you to keep striving towards your goals.

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