Sweet Poison by Timothy Jacobs

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A review of the book taking the world by storm.

Throughout history there have been hundreds of medical faux pas’ that have caused the illness or death of millions of people. In Ancient Rome, at the height of
civilisation, the first city wide plumbing system was created in an amazing feat of engineering. Unfortunately they used lead for their pipes…slowly poisoning
an entire nation through their water. In Medieval Europe people believed most illnesses could be cured by ingesting mercury or blood letting (literally cutting
open a patient’s vein and allowing the blood to drain out). Until well into the 1900s it was believed that some radiation could be good for you, so the go-to
health spa destinations to dose up on this ‘miracle cure’ were radioactive caves! I could go on and on but you get the point: now we look back on what they
did with horror but at the time they had no idea how much damage they were doing. All throughout my life I have wondered whether we are doing much the
same thing, poisoning ourselves without knowing. I got my answer when I read David Gillespie’s “Sweet Poison”. David Gillespie was a middle-aged, forty
kilos overweight, sleep deprived lawyer and father of four who like many Australians had tried every diet under the sun with no success. With twins on the way, he knew he needed to lose weight so he set out to learn how the body functions and why diets just don’t seem to work. What he found was the shocking truth that has turned traditional weight loss on its head – but has also revealed an even more disturbing truth…that we are poisoning ourselves everyday by eating sugar.

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