The ABC's of Silly Season Survival

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For years “holiday” weight gain has been an accepted phenomenon, with most people saying they’ve put on a few kilos over Christmas. And why wouldn’t you, with every weekend for weeks a get-together, with loads of beautiful food and mostly tonnes of alcohol? A survey in Bodybuilding.com recently of 1668 people reflects this with the bulk of people saying they’d put on 5 kilos or more (45.9%) and only 1.7% saying they’d had no weight gain over the holiday period. Thing is they’re wrong. This is kind of a good news/bad news story. You see there is a proper scientific study out there that’s results were released in 2000, finding that on average only a ½kg was put on, but (and here’s the bad news) that 1/2kg never came off again during the rest of the year, and in fact year after year accumulated so that people were putting on 5 kilos it just took a bit longer i.e. 10 years. In other words people think they’ve put on more than they have, but don’t realise that although the weight gain is in fact much smaller, it has terrible “staying” power for the rest of the year, indeed life.

So what’s to be done?

Well, knowledge is power, so armed with the above info, you are already equipped to understand just how important your choices are at this time of year. Following is an intentionally short few tips to ensure that you not only get to enjoy your holidays, but use them to promote your long-term goals!


AVOID (or at least reduce) alcohol consumption. Sorry to start with a biggie, but this shouldn’t be news to you if you’re serious about fitness. Every glass of wine is not only 85 or more calories, but seems to come with an irresistible connection to fatty, salty food. Remember, just one extra glass of wine per day for 6 weeks = a ½ kg weight gain on its own!

exercise. The other huge holiday issue is inactivity – all that sitting around over long meals means that people tend to exercise less at this time of year. Workout earlier (to avoid excuses and the heat), walk after dinner instead of watching TV, take the kids to a park, add an adventure once a week, use a beach if at all possible/

your eating. This is not freaky stuff, just 2 simple ideas. One, plan your eating. You know the times you’ll be eating out, so don’t go hungry, fi ll up on the good stuff before going, stuff like vegetables, protein. Two, record your eating. Yep, you might say you’re going to eat such and such today, but did you? Or did you also eat and drink a whole lot of stuff that wasn’t in the plan?

So there you have it…Avoid, Boost, Control. Simple steps to avoid the holiday weight gain trap, that can see you put on in a few weeks what many people cannot get rid of over the next year! There is so much to enjoy at this time of year, and yes food and drink is a big part of it, so go enjoy but remember your ABC's!

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