Incinerate Fat in 2 Days with just 2 carb-free days a week!

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By Emily Brabon


I know, I know, some of you balk at the idea of going without your bowl of porridge in the morning or your lunchtime sandwich – but to lose fat and keep it off, 2 days off carbs per week is all you need. Trust me, it works!


I originally created the Inferno Diet when I was hired to get the cast of the TV series Gladiators into TV-ready shape and given just six weeks to do it.


The eating plan is based on ketosis. For the first two weeks, all carbs are removed from your diet to force your body to use fat rather than carbohydrates for energy. After the two weeks, the good carbs are gradually added back on Wednesday-Friday, while Monday and Tuesday are “Ignition Days” and Saturday-Sunday are free days. On Ignition Days you keep up the no-carbs, pure-protein meal plan, while Wednesday-Friday your plate should have half vegetables, a quarter lean protein and a quarter complex carbs. If you do this every week, you should never regain the fat and it keeps your stomach nice and flat!


That includes skipping all those carbs that are hiding in vegetables and all the tasty morsels of salads...yep we are talking completely green-free for two days. So regardless of what your mum told you – you can live without your vegetables for a few days.


The biggest thing that you will notice when you cut out all of the carbs that you think you need, and replace them with seafood, meat and protein is that you lose fat…and you lose it fast. It can take as little as a day to get into ketosis, which means your body is using your fat stores as its primary source of energy rather than the carbs and sugar that you usually feed it.


The most important aspect of the plan is that it weans you out of all the bad habits that you didn’t realise you had…take-away multiple times a week, a glass of wine with every dinner, cake in the office, an after-dinner indulgence.


Inferno puts all of the good foods back in the game and even makes you look forward to a normal fresh salad instead of something greasy or sweet.


Everybody’s metabolism fires at different speeds, so just because skinny-minny Kate over there can eat cake every day and not gain a kilo, doesn’t mean that you can. What we want to do with this is re-program your metabolism and your will power to eat what you NEED rather than what you crave and in turn create a physique and body that you are proud to show off.


The carb free days also work in a mental capacity – keeping you and your goals on track and ensuring that you don’t throw away that new physique that you worked so hard for. So many times, people go on a diet or a new regime and get to where they want to be….but think that it is as simple as that. No maintenance or anything but the truth is that you need to keep at it, to be able to maintain it. There. Are. No. Magic. Solutions. Hard work all the way.

IGNITION Day on a Plate


Breakfast: Bacon and eggs

Snack: Super low carb protein shake

Lunch: Rare roast beef or sashimi

Snack: Smoked salmon and cream cheese or low fat yoghurt

Dinner: Meatloaf or surf and turf

Dessert: Bowl of lite jelly.


Emily Brabon is the co-Founder of Australia’s most respected bootcamp fitness program ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™. As a Transformation Coach, Emily has helped thousands of individuals achieve their health and fitness goals in record time. www.TransformationCoach.com




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