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Take Two

Real Commando takes 2 classic fitness moves and updates them to keep your muscles challenged.


Our bodies adapt and become stale when faced with mundane repetition. To keep seeing results from your training, it’s vital to ‘shock’ the body with a variety of movement patterns.


These upgraded Real Commando variations of classic exercises are aimed at those seeking a more exacting challenge. Use the following exercises with a HIIT protocol of 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest to shake up your bodyweight training and take your fitness to a new level.


The Classic Exercise: Plank


The Real Commando Version: Full Plank Geckos


Do It: Start off in plank position with the aim of bringing one knee up to the outside of the same elbow, alternating one side at a time. As the knee is brought forward, keep your foot off the ground until you return to the start position. As you bring your knee forward, turn your head to look at your knee as well as opening your hip position and turning slightly to place more weight on your opposite leg.


Why It’s Better: This movement engages the hip flexors and brings rotation into the movement. It also stabilises the shoulder joint and enforces a greater need for co-ordination.


Challenge: Changing the distance between your hands determines the intensity of the move. Wide Arm = Tough. Shoulder Width = Tougher. Close-Hand = Toughest.


The Classic Exercise: Hamstring Bridge


The Real Commando Version: Hamstring Hip Bridge with Shoulder Escape Reach


Do It: Start off in a Hamstring Bridge. Bridge onto your shoulders and keep your hips parallel to the floor while reaching and driving you arm over your head. Imagine that you are taking the arm of an opponent and spreading it as far away from your head as possible.


Why It’s Better: The aim of this action is to practice destabilising an opponent to gain the upper hand. This is a powerful movement when done at speed.


Challenge: Master the move on both feet and then with only one foot on the ground, working with the opposite hand to the leg that is lifted.


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