Ultra FITNESS WOD By Khan Porter

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If you're up for it, try out this hard hitting CrossFit Workout of the Day!

Warm Up

500m row, building pace each 100m

Spiderman hip complex

Lateral X band walks 2 x 10m

Glute raises x 10

Single leg glute raises 2 x 6 per leg



5 x 5 Back Squats (Resting no more than 2 minutes between sets)


Khans Tip Warm up with 2 sets at 50% and 70% of your working weight (the weight you will use for the actual sets) then proceed with your 5 sets of 5 reps at that working weight.



Do 5 rounds of this circuit as fast as possible while keeping technique.


250m row

10 pull ups

10 dumbbell push presses

15 sit ups



Half Pigeon (1 minute each side)

Banded shoulder external rotation (1 min each arm)

Safety First!

All new CrossFit members come in for a free introductory class in which we assess their movement and then have them attend 1-4 fundamentals sessions in which we teach and refine all the basic CrossFit movements, such as the squat, press and deadlift. Only after these fundamental sessions can a new member jump in and do a session like the one here.





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