5 Best Running Apps

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5 Best Running Apps


Hit the roads with these apps for a better run.


Zombies, Run!


Nothing will get you running faster than being chased by flesh-eating zombies. This quirky app will give you a serious, and fun, workout as an audio adventure is delivered straight to your headphones telling you how to evade those monsters.




It’s the classic runner’s app – and for good reason. GPS tracking, distance, speed, calories, activity history for any activity you can think of…this one has it all. Sync your stats with the website to track your progress.


Ghost Race


Every runner knows that their own worst enemy is themselves. This clever app lets your track your times on various routes and compare your stats against yourself. Plus – if you’ve done the route before this app will update you on your progress against your ‘Ghost’ as you run. Bring on a new PB!


10K Trainer Pro – Run for Pink


In just 14 weeks this simple app will take you from being a couch potato to a serious running achievement – 10 kilometres non-stop.  With just 3 runs a week, alerts tell you when to warm up, run, walk and cool down.



Feeling a twinge in your knee? This app harnesses the knowledge of sports medicine professionals to diagnose your symptoms, identify your injury before it happens and tell you how to prevent it.


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