5 Ways To…Love Winter Training

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5 Ways To…Love Winter Training


Oh hey there, winter. It’s you again. Hello evenings spent snuggled in trackies by the fire watching Mad Men online. Goodbye 6am wakeups for a run. Or at least that’s how it usually goes. But this winter, it’s time to make a stand. There’s no need to go all army-style and just push through your workouts with pure grit and determination – you can actually love training in winter as much as you do in summer. We just need to make a few adjustments. Here’s our five favourite ways to learn to love the new season.

  1. Workout Videos

The last thing you want to do in summer is lock yourself in a room with your laptop to get your sweat on. But in winter? Sounds pretty appealing to have a kick-ass workout from the comfort of your living room. Don’t dismiss workout videos as only for enthusiastic aerobics lovers – they’ve changed since the 80s. Check out Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred or Class FitSugar online for some workouts that will seriously burn.

  1. Embrace The Weather

It’s time to banish the perception that winter weather is bad for exercisers. In hindsight, summer looks perfect, but do you remember how you had to wake up early to go for your run before the heat of the day set in? Now you can run anytime! Remember feeling too hot and lethargic to exercise? Cold weather can make you feel energised and raring to go.

  1. Set A Goal

Fun run season will soon be upon us and there is nothing better than an impending deadline to pull you out of those uggies and into your trainers. The City2Surf is on 11 August, the Bridge to Brisbane is on 1 September or if you’re up for a challenge, the Melbourne Marathon on 13 October. They seem far away now – trust us, they’re not.

  1. Try Something New

Sure, there may be no more refreshing ocean swims (unless you’re one of those wetsuit warriors, in which case, we salute you) or stand-up paddle-boarding on balmy evenings. But doing the same exercise routine all the time is boring, and won’t get you the results you want anyway. Winter is the perfect time to try something new. Take the free week trial offer of every gym in your area and do some classes. If you’re a outdoor running junkie, try focusing on strength training. If you’re a weights addict, why not have a go at some indoor sports like Futsal or squash?

  1. Just Do It

You know how we said we don’t have to get through our workouts with pure grit and determination – well, that was only half true. At the end of the day, we’re not always going to be enthusiastic about exercise – but as Michelle Bridges says “I don’t wake up, pump my fist in the air and go ‘YES! I’M GOING RUNNING! RUNNING! YESSSSSSS! Just like I don’t wake up and go ‘YES! I’M HAVING A SHOWER AND BRUSHING MY TEETH!!!’ I just do it.” Wise words, Mish, wise words.


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