720-second Shredding Shortcut

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720 seconds is all it takes to get every muscle ripped - and you can do it anywhere!

By Marcus Bondi

This workout will smash your monotonous indoor gym routine by getting your butt outdoors and making the world your ‘gym equipment’. This total-body workout can be done in virtually any park, backyard or car park… even while you are travelling. You can be sure that it will be a very intense 12 minutes; more than most mortals can handle. To prepare you need to have a water bottle handy to get you through the dry-mouth horrors.

Get ready for a bodyweight training circuit that hits every major muscle group with burning intensity. It will build hard, dense, strong and fast muscle fibres.

Each exercise is performed to maximum repetitions, until failure or for a maximum of 60 seconds, whichever comes first. Rest for a maximum of 60 seconds between exercises; there are 7 exercises with 60 seconds rest between each. This equals a total of 12 minutes from the start of your first exercise to the end of your last exercise.

Half or partial range-of-motion (ROM) repetitions are allowed if you have exhausted your full ROM strength; just try to get to that 60 seconds of muscle movement fatigue.


OK, this is where the transformation begins!


Diamond Push-ups

These are the toughest form of ‘regular’ push-ups. With your index fingers and thumbs of opposing hands touching, straighten your arms and make a ‘diamond’ shape. Keep your hands in this position as you bang out maximum repetition push-ups; point your elbows out with each full-range, downward motion. If you tire, proceed to partial reps to complete the 60 seconds. Rest for 60 seconds then move on to pull-ups.


Pull-ups - Wide Pronated Grip

Grab the pull-up bar (or branch or scaffolding) with your palms facing forward (away from your pretty face) and commence pull-ups to maximum reps. When you can’t do any more full reps, proceed with partial reps. When you are trembling like a leaf and too weak to do partial reps, use your mind powers to hang on to the bar for as long as you can; until your finger grip diminishes and you drop off. Then, if you can, grab on again and try to complete the 60 seconds on the bar. This is the training that enabled me to break the Guinness World Records; it will work - if YOU do! Rest for 60 seconds then move on to single leg squat jump.


Single Leg Squat Jumps

These are easy to do. It’s hard to maintain the reps for 60 seconds, though, but youcan and you will. Stand on one leg, lower down and then jump as high as you can and land smoothly; bending at the knee, using it as a ‘shock-absorber’. Repeat until your leg muscles are creating furnace-like temperatures and you reach the 60-second stop point. Keep pumping that thigh, even if you are doing partial reps and moving jerkily like a discombobulated drunk! You are, however, not a drunk; you are a strong beast! Rest for 60 seconds then move on to shoulder width push-ups.

Shoulder Width Push-ups

OK, these are just regular push-ups. Place your hands shoulder width apart and hit the earth, pumping those guns! Again, do partial reps if you have to but be sure to complete the minute! Rest for 60 seconds then move on to double leg squat jumps.

Drink small amounts of water as required. Breathe deeply; in through your nose and out through your mouth.


Double Leg Squat Jumps

This is the same routine as the single leg squat jump. Use explosive plyometrics to launch your butt high into the air and reach up with both hands to maximum altitude. Land back down as smoothly as possible using both legs as shock absorbers. Go for the full 60 seconds, even if you finish by doing pathetic little micro-squats. It is all part of the process; repetitive physics is your friend, you will become stronger! Rest for 60 seconds then move on to chin ups.


Chin-ups – Supinated Grip

Grip the bar (or balcony railing or overhead step) with your palms facing back (towards your tear-stained face) and commence chin-ups to maximum reps. Of course, when you can’t do any more full reps, proceed with partial reps. When you are quivering like a whippet and are too weak to do partial reps use your brawn to hang on to the bar for as long as you can; until your finger grip gives in and you drop off. Then, if you can, grab on again and try to complete the 60 seconds on the bar.


Hanging Leg Raise Abdominal Crunch (using dip or hang position)

You can do these hanging from a bar, propped up between two chairs or even between two car bonnets. The trick is to keep your knees together and very quickly lift them up as high as possible to your chest. Lower them slowly but only to the point where your thighs are parallel to the ground; do not lower your knees all the way down. The exercise is a tight, short movement; only about 30cm. You must maintain core intensity throughout, however. When you are totally spent you can move to partial reps to complete the minute. After 60 seconds rest up and think about how awesome you are for having just completed a world record-level, 12-minute training program. Brilliant!


For any extreme training queries please feel free to email me at UltraFITNESS.

At 44 years of age and 83kg Marcus Bondi, broke the Guinness World Record for the 5m rope climb: 27.8 metres in 60 seconds. Bondi’s strength training techniques have been utilised by Olympic gymnasts and Special Forces units all over the world. His key training elements focus on extreme outdoor training with high intensity and high endurance. Bondi is an ambassador for Aussie Bodies and trains at the spectacular Bondi Beach cliffs with a top team of Olympic wrestlers, MMA fighters and boxers. For more information visit www.marcusbondi.com.


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