Solidify Your Summer Six-Pack

Solidify Your Summer Six-Pack

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Solidify Your Summer Six-Pack

By Marcus Bondi


The intense sensuality of summer is almost here and modern vanity dictates that you must become as shredded as possible. To be able to do this, you will need to know how to train your muscles to breathe hard, dense fibres and defined anatomical segmentation. As a result, you will also feel utterly fantastic about everything in your magnificent life and your mind will function like a binary supercomputer. Ker-ching!

Your most precious material possession is your body, and all other elements of your life depend on it. Follow this simple physical training and nutrition guide to quickly achieve personal pride and self-esteem through superior muscle tone - it’s easy!

Everything positive in physical fitness begins with your core. Plenty of poseurs on the beach have great arms or shoulders… but great abs are rare!

You must start right away by enacting this program now. To achieve amazing abs, do the below crunches immediately and I’ll see you back here in three minutes. If you don’t have a foam roller, use a rolled-up beach towel.


High Crunches with Roller
This exercise has a small range of movement but it is highly effective and will make your abs burn! Lie on your back, clamp the roller between your knees and point your toes high into the air. Keep your legs as straight as possible and raise your core and shoulders off the ground. Keep your arms straight and reach for your toes with your fingertips.

Keep your neck tucked in to your chest in a firm, fixed position. Exhale as much air as possible and take short, sharp breaths, exhaling when you contract your abs and reach up. Use your abs to lift your back and shoulders high off the ground. Do as many sets of 20 as you can and rest for about 15 seconds between each set. As you get stronger, do sets of 20 or more and do them as often as possible. Also, experiment with speed; go slow for some sets and practise holding at the top of the movement for as long as you can. By the way, every day is an ab training day.


Okay, so you can do the above crunches and achieve marvellous, shredded abs. Fantastic, but no one can actually see your amazing abs if they are hidden under a layer of fat – so the fat has to go!



Lose the Belly Fat - NOW!

Listen up because this is how it is in the harsh reality we live in. Most people eat way in excess of what they need - too much, too often! Don’t be one of those people - they will never have astonishing abs!

Avoid loading extra, unnecessary calories into your mouth whenever you can. If ‘fat’ anywhere on your body is an issue, ensure you only have a small breakfast and train like a beast to shred up. Personally, I prefer to have no breakfast.

A small breakfast will mean that your body will be burning fat and kilojoules for a long time. It will mean that your body will be burning fat and kilojoules for a long time. Then eat a small, healthy lunch - lean beef, chicken, fish, veggies or fruit are all great options.

Be aware that our consumer society has been brainwashed into thinking that everyone must eat all of the time. We have been conditioned to eat a big, hearty breakfast when most of us still have a ton of calories available from dinner the night before! Use those calories in your training – don’t add more to your waistline!  Have a light breakfast of fruit with a good amount of water before your normal-sized healthy lunch and dinner. If you are still hungry afterwards, have a carrot or vegetable juice – organic cold-pressed veggies are the best; lots of leafy greens.

If you are feeling adventurous, try going gluten-free for as long as possible. You may be surprised how it really tightens up your core and digestive tract, giving you a very light feeling in your stomach.

Everyone is different, so try to work out what works best for you. My training experience has proven that if I eat too much, too often, it slows me down and makes me weaker. Be careful and judicious with your eating. I have been able to measure the effects of food on the dynamics of extreme body weight strength training to the millimetre and gram, and I have no doubt that a small breakfast makes you stronger, faster and more psychologically alert.  

It is well known that our bodies use a lot of energy to process and digest food - energy that could be used for power, strength and muscle development! Learn to control the digestive process to your advantage.

I broke several world records in the afternoon with nothing for breakfast; just water with some magnesium powder and a protein shake afterwards.    

If you take control of what you eat, I can assure you that after a short while, you will be so glad you don’t eat sugary, greasy junk any more. Eating clean and healthy food is cheaper and easier than eating expensive, processed garbage.


Fish (tuna), lean chicken (no skin), eggs, all fresh vegetables, corn, beans and up to three pieces of fruit per day.

If you must, enjoy a small portion of brown rice, multigrain bread or wholemeal pasta in moderation. Eat lightly cooked mushrooms to fill you up – mushrooms are low in fat and carbohydrates and expand in your stomach to make you feel full.

Drink lots of water - one litre per day minimum.

After a hard training session, get some quality protein and carbs into you as soon as possible. A good quality protein drink is crucial within one minute of finishing your training!


White bread, white rice and white pasta; cheese, chocolate and ice cream; sweets, chips and fries; crisps, soft drinks and fast food; processed foods and meats such as bacon, sausages, salami and margarine; commercial fruit juice, processed and packaged foods and cereals. All of these are just gooey fats, sugars and chemicals disguised as 'food'. Remember, nothing tastes as good as ripped looks and feels!


Do you want six-pack abs? If so, you must minimise your alcohol consumption. For faster results, cut out alcohol completely. Alcohol is high in calories and forces your body to store fat - not good. Once you get your six-pack, you can have a drink as you see fit.

Follow the above program and your body can and will respond accordingly – it is simple physics. Your body has no choice but to follow and adapt to the treatment you give it. In this case, you will get impressive, strong, hard muscles and reduce body fat - which makes any body type or shape perform better and look fantastic!

I wish you amazing success in this journey of fitness and power because it is 100% possible and entirely up to you.

Of all the areas of our lives we have little control over, our bodies remain ours. Take control so you can achieve your best ever body because no one can stop you. You can and will succeed.


At 44 years of age and 83kg MARCUSBONDI broke the Official Guinness World Record for the 5m rope climb - 27.8 metres in 60 secs. MARCUSBONDI’s strength training techniques have been utilised by Olympic gymnasts and special forces units all over the world. His key training elements focus on extreme outdoor training with high intensity and high endurance tolerances. MARCUSBONDI is an Ambassador for Aussie Bodies and trains at the spectacular Bondi Beach cliffs with a top team of Olympic wrestlers, MMA fighters and boxers. For more information,


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