How To Supplement Your PT Income Online

How To Supplement Your PT Income Online

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How To Supplement Your PT Income Online 
By Bianca Aiono-Robertson


Personal training is an industry sold on the promise that you’ll “get paid to do what you love and change people’s lives!” – who wouldn’t want to do that? However, the bright lights quickly dim when you discover the quickest way to turn your passion into a chore is to make it your sole source of income! Split shifts get in the way of your own training (assuming you even have any energy left over to train).  You forget to eat with back-to-back clients, and holidays are always a time of scrimping while everyone else lives it up. Becoming a personal trainer can at times seem to be the worst decision for your own health and fitness you’ve ever made! However, with a little creative thinking, you can bolster your pay cheque with another source of income, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time when you know how.  

1.       1. Create a list

For every person who enquires about your services, has trained with you in the past or presently, people you’ve given a trial session, or anyone you happen to meet who is interested in improving their health and fitness, grab their email and postal address and create a database. Enter these details into a customer relationship manager like for $30 a month or an email provider like Mail Chimp – free for lists under 500. This list is now your most valuable asset in your business for you to grow over time.

2.       2. Grow your list with an ethical bribe
Think about a valuable resource you give your clients: a meal plan, an information pack, a home workout schedule. Anything that you either already have or can create using video, email or a snazzy PDF are an excellent incentive to get people to sign up to your list.  

3.       3. Provide quality content regularly
Create quality content that reinforces your special talents as a trainer and makes you stand out from the busy market place. At the start of each month, spend a couple of hours writing four different articles or blog posts around 400-600 words that solve a very particular problem around fitness and nutrition. Schedule these emails to send out weekly with links to your blog and use to automate your social media posts to drive new people to your website, and potentially even new people to add to your list as they opt in for your ‘ethical bribe’.

4.       4. Monetise your list 

The idea is to branch out your streams of income so you offer a range of products to assist people with their results. These additional streams of income should not just be about exchanging your time for money; for example, you might have a ‘cheap’ recipe book, a  ‘not-so-cheap’ home workout program, a ‘so-not-cheap’ nutritional online coaching course, and a ‘premium’ one-on-one service. 


At the end of each blog post you may put an advertisement for the solution to the problem you spoke about in your quality content that you have been delivering weekly.  

5.       5. Create your own information products OR sell other people’s

When you’re a hands-on, face-to-face kind of person, understanding who you’re actually talking to and being able to get your ‘pizzaz’ out online can take many months or even years of frustration without really delivering an engaging product. That’s when becoming an affiliate for somebody else’s amazing product can be the obvious solution. If there is someone you follow online and you would be happy to endorse them, you can sign up to be an affiliate and sell their product for a very generous percentage – anywhere from 40-70 per cent of  the cost of the product. So for a $47 recipe book, you will receive around $25 – it might not be worth it to you to create your own.

6.       6. Work. Be Consistent. Never Give Up

If you want to be successful you can’t afford to be a pretender in this game. Just like you tell your clients, you need to do the basics day in, day out and create a foundation for a healthy online business. Always aim to provide value first, just like in a real-world conversation – you don’t just want to sound like you’re an infomercial trying to flog off a Thigh-Buster and a set of steak knives. Don’t ever be afraid of giving away too much information, either. You won’t make your services redundant, you will actually be providing massive value to both the clients who train with you as well as make it easier for them to refer other people to you and you’ll be making a connection with those who follow you online. You need to work at this; you need to be consistent and prepared to get your information out to the world in a meaningful way. If you focus on that you will be able to monetise your list.

How much money can you really earn online ?

1. If  you’re consistently blogging, committed to growing your list and you have the correct systems in place, it’s not unlikely you could add an additional $1,000-$3,000 per month to your revenue stream, depending on the price of your products and the size of your list.

Some of  the superstar personal trainers with amazing informational products who have made online their main source of income can make anywhere between $15,000-$50,000 per month and beyond. However, be warned;  it takes a certain type of entrepreneur who can make this happen as it requires a lot of time and truckloads of money invested in mentors, advertising and with strategic alliances with big internet players who promote their products to their lists of 20,000-30,000 people and more. Don’t be lured into the ‘make money online’ scene thinking it’s a good way to make an easy buck. There are many unscrupulous companies promising the dream without truly communicating the effort it takes, and the slim degree of actually attaining the online super stardom that they promise.


For instance, a blogger might claim to make $35,000 a month online; however, $1,000 of that comes from their actual online business, and the other $34,000 comes from telling other people how to make $1,000 online.

If you’re feeling like ‘there must be more to life’ than just getting up at the crack of dawn and training people until dark, then supplementing your income online is definitely a way to make you feel like there is a light at  the end of the tunnel. 


Bianca Aiono


Bianca Aiono is a woman on a mission to down the diet industry’s pseudo science propaganda and show the world how to get permanent figure-shaping success without gimmicks, hardcore dieting or spending hours in the gym. At only 32 years old she has already built a highly successful fitness studio, been crowned a body-sculpting champion and been short-listed by Biggest Loser America.


Bianca has researched the hormonal relationship between dieters and why they relapse and looked to our hunter-gatherer ancestors for a solution to the weight loss roller coaster. She now takes her message of mind-body weight loss to a global audience with her online figure transformation program.


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